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Create custom Facebook
fan pages in minutes!

Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

Engage users, promote your business and monetize traffic by adding these social apps to your Facebook fan page:

Media Voting

Allow fans to vote for their favorite.. whatever!


Display your tweets or RSS updates.


Give something, and get even more in return.

Video Welcome

Increase conversion with an introductory video.

Lead Generation

Gather information from your visitors with a custom form.

About Us

Personalized information with a variety of designs and fields.

Visual/HTML Editor

Use your own code or our simple editor.


Embed just about anything in your page!


Increase sales and reward customers with a discount!


Groupon-style deals, and you get to keep all the profit!


We'll build a unique frame / application just for you!


Facebook discontinuing Static FBML

Facebook has announced that it will discontinue support for static FBML pages at the beginning of 2012, and on June 1st, they will stop working altogether. IFrames are replacing them.

Convert to iFrames for free!

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Lead Generation App

Introducing the Lead Generation app.. Gather information from your visitors with a custom form!

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