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Facebook Timeline App Upgrades

Posted on 30 March 2012 by FBiframes

Facebook will soon be switching all fan pages to the new Timeline layout, and you should be ready to excite your fan page community with yours.

FBiframes is taking this opportunity to not only upgrade our apps to the larger width, but we’re also redesigning all of our apps with new, fresher, and more visually appealing designs. Here’s an overview of what we have in store:

Personal / Business Pages

These apps provide your visitors with useful and vital information, while keeping your company’s brand in the forefront.

Image dimensions:
Main image: 200px max width
Other 3 images: 166px max width

Coupon/Offer App

Has been totally reconfigured, and new features will be rolled out in the near future. Excite your fans with coupons for your most loyal followers.

Image dimensions:
Fangate: 810px wide, no height restriction
Entry page: 757px wide, approx 281px high

Learn More


Reward your “fan only” community by offering deals. They will repay your love by sharing with their friends, and their friends.. you get the picture. A little “discounted” love can go a long way.

Image dimensions:
Fangate: 810px wide, no height restriction
Deal page: 392px wide, approx 230px high
Thank you page: 810px wide, no height restriction

Learn More

Photo/Video Voting

One of our hottest app gets updated to “WOW”. Engage your social media community even more.  The much requested upgrades will be coming along soon as well.

Image dimensions:
Fangate: 810px wide, no height restriction
Voting page header: 810px wide, no height restriction

Learn More

Twitter/RSS Feed App

Each tweet or blog post will now stand on its own.  Check out the new layout to see what we mean.

Image dimensions:
Fangate: 810px wide, no height restriction
Feed header: 810px wide, no height restriction

Learn More


Offer stuff and gather contact information. It’s a great way to build a contact list, and now the process is even more simple with integration into email marketing apps like MailChimp.

Image dimensions:
Fangate: 810px wide, no height restriction
Entry page: 530px wide, no height restriction
Thank you page: 810px wide, no height restriction

Learn More

Video Welcome App

What better way to introduce your brand to your fans and potential clients than with a video.

Image dimensions:
Video header: 810px wide, no height restriction

Learn More

Still have questions about the new app dimensions or the Facebook Timeline layout? Check out Facebook Page, our blog, our contact us and we will respond quickly.


Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages & FBiframes Apps

Posted on 22 March 2012 by FBiframes

Once Facebook announced the mandatory switch over to the new Timeline layout for fan pages, FBiframes developers have been hard at work to ensure your suite of apps work just as well in the new layout as they did in the old.

Well, the day (March 30th) is quickly approaching, and with no more apparent big changes up Facebook’s sleeve before the 30th, we feel safe providing details to help you prepare for this change. On March 30th your old familiar Facebook fan page, with the app links located on the left hand side of your page and displayed in a 520 pixel wide layout on the right, will soon become a distant memory.

On the 30th, we will start rolling out new, wider layouts for our apps to fit the additional width Timeline provides.  This will enable you to promote your custom apps and campaigns through a much more engaging 810 pixel-wide canvas.

FBiframes wants to make sure your company’s transition to the new page layout is as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Here are some helpful notes about the transition you should know:

  • Your existing apps won’t break. They will still be viewable, likeable, sharable and clickable.
  • We’d recommend updating all your 520px wide images with 810px wide images if possible, once the switch is made. However, the original 520 pixel images will still work.
  • Fan Gating / Like Gating will still work and will still be valuable to utilize for content and offers on your Facebook fan page.
  • Landing tabs for non-fans will be going away. However, you should still use your Facebook fan page apps to create links from your ad and marketing campaigns and other online platforms that you utilize.
  • With Timeline comes the ability to change the app icon yourself, allowing you to customize it however you’d like to match your brand and promotion. If you don’t have the resources FBiframes will provide a downloadable generic icon for each of our apps.
  • The size of the custom app icon is 111 x 74.  You will even be able to customize the text below to app icon to personalize your community experience.

The new Timeline layout can and will greatly enhance your social media community interaction.  You will be able to give the apps with the most importance to your Facebook fan page, a prime location directly under your cover image.

  • There will be a total of 4 app icons viewable initially, with Facebook “photos” holding the spot of the first default image.
  • You will be able to have a grand total of 12 apps. They will be accessible by a drop down arrow to the right of your main app icons.
  • With the Timeline upgrade you can place your most important featured Facebook apps (Sweepstakes, Photo/Video Voting, Deals, etc..) above the fold and page visitors will be able to access the apps simply by clicking on the app icon.
  • You will also be able to customize the app icon to create more urgency to click on the image/app.

Re-designing your brand’s images to the new Timeline layout and tab width dimensions should be viewed by all brands as a way to re-engage your Facebook social media community and reinvigorate your brand.

Still have questions about the new app dimensions or the Facebook Timeline layout? Check out Facebook Pageour blog, our contact FBiframes support and we will respond quickly.

Do you have questions about how to develop a Facebook fan page app?


Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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FBiframes releases Pinterest Facebook Tab Application

Posted on 06 March 2012 by FBiframes

Pinterest has been a buzzword on the internet lately.  For those of you who do not know, “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web”.

80% of the user base consists of women ages 25-44

Research is showing that Pinterest can have a big impact on purchases, and that’s why large retailers are adopting Pinterest into their brands’ marketing strategy and requiring their marketing teams to maintain a strong presence on Pinterest.  Pinterest also offers a great opportunity for businesses to engage with customers outside of traditional internet marketing. By using images, you can share ideas and trends for your retail social media landscape.  Remember, images are worth a 1,000 words!

On February 23 FBiframes released their Twitter/RSS app, which also allows you to integrate your Pinterest board’s feed (all the items you pin), and share it with your Facebook community directly through your fan page.

Follow the screenshots below to add your Pinterest RSS feed to your Facebook fan page:

1. Copy RSS feed URL from Your Pinterest profile.

2. Choose the Twitter/RSS App in “My Apps” section of

3. Paste RSS feed URL into the URL field.

As of now Pinterest feeds are only displayed now, but once the Pinterest application-programming interface (API) is released, boards, pins, and likes will be added.

With companies having to upgrade to the NEW Timeline for Facebook Fanpages, they should design and utilize the timeline cover image as a callout that conveys their message and purpose to its community.  Also, companies should take advantage of and design the customized app icon (107 x 70 pixels) for all 3rd party apps used on their Facebook fanpage.  The customized app icons will hold prime real estate on the NEW Fanpage layouts and will be displayed under the NEW Timeline Cover Image.  The app icon image should be a call to action and drive visitors to a companies’ 3rd party apps.

Get Started with your Pinterest Facebook Tab App



Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages

Posted on 02 March 2012 by FBiframes

Many of you have emailed asking about what the design and functionality changes will mean for your fan page and how this affects your FBiframes Apps.

Out with the old…

Your FBiframes Social Apps will still work and function the same, but they will, shall we say, need some redecorating to better match the new Timeline layout. With a little creativity, and some getting used to it, we will all smoothly transition into Timeline heaven.

So it is official – on March 30th you will need to adjust to the changes set forth by Zuckerberg and the powers that be at Facebook. As big of a change that this is, it will be a smooth transition, and if you really absorb the why and what of this transition your company will come out ahead of your competition.

In with the new…

The “Bad” Stuff

No Default Landing Tab (So you have no Traffic Control?)
Facebook is forcing you to become more creative in your conversation with your community. One big change when it comes to apps on a fan page is you will not be able to choose a landing page tab for your fan page (everyone gets sent to the wall). Most people would say that this is the biggest single drawback of the new page design… But, in reality what this is doing is requiring that you to become more socially active and content-creative in getting visitors to engage with your companies custom apps and finally Liking your page.

Limited Number of Tabs
With the new Timeline layout, there is only space for 4 tabs in the initial view, and one of them is required to be the Photos tab. This means you only have 3 spaces to work with, and you’ll probably want your “Likes” count to be one of them, making it 2. With a limited number of tabs you will need to prioritize and strategize which apps will best enhance your relationship with your social media community. You should understand what, why and how a Facebook fan page becomes an important hub in your company’s Social Media Marketing Strategy.

You Can’t Move the Photos Tab, says Facebook
Facebook Photos’ tab is not movable. You can’t do it (at least for now). Hopefully Facebook will allow page administrators to move it so that you can use that valuable space for more useful apps, but for the time being it’s stuck there.

Now let’s get into the good stuff that Timeline has to offer.

The “Good” Stuff

The Cover Image
What a great opportunity to brand your company with your social media community. The new “cover image” on the Timeline layout allows you to convey your brand with a huge 850px by 315px image. Have some fun, show off your skills as they say – an image is worth a 1,000 words. Be creative but sum up what your fan page (and thus business) is about.
(Some restrictions apply such as no direct call to action, no website URL, and no directions to Like or Share your page.)

New Custom App Icons
No more itty-bitty icons for your tabs / apps. Your fan page now gets much larger icons located directly beneath your Cover Image. And, unlike the old page design, the new Timeline lets you upload your own custom tab icon/image for each FBiframes app. This lets you advertise your apps to your community as you deem fit.

Larger Design for App Pages
FBiframes apps ARE fully functioning within the new page design. Yes, your fan page will require some design work on your part if you want to take advantage of the larger canvas that is now available. For example, the width of the “old” layout was 520px, and that‘s probably the size of the images you added to your app. You don’t have to, but you’ll probably want to upload images for the new width (810px).

Fan-Gating Still Works
Contrary to some blogger posts, you can still use our fan-gate (like-gate) functionality to require visitors to “Like” your page before gaining access to certain apps. There is a bug currently with the like button and 3rd party apps and Facebook is working on it.

Customer Service Through Facebook – try the new Direct Messaging
Users will be able to send a direct message to you, the fan page owner, which may come in handy for customer service, allowing you to give more personal attention to an individual.

These are just a few of the changes that we’re noticing right now, and we expect that it will continue to evolve as more brands begin to adopt the new Timeline for fan pages. Timeline is here to stay, and FBiframes’ apps will continue to engage and enhance your social media communities experience with your brand, no matter what direction Facebook decides to take its designs.
Let us know your thoughts and share your ideas on the Timeline for Facebook fan pages.


Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Posted on 01 March 2012 by FBiframes

Lead Generation and Social Media

Still, small businesses are not capitalizing on the opportunities available to them by choosing not, to embrace social media. Social media will help build your brand and customer relationships and can also increase your company’s lead generation, as well.

As you read this, the main word that you must take away from this is “SOCIAL”.  Remember, all you are doing is taking the social and promotional components of your off-line interactions and you will begin to utilize the tools that your social media networks offer as a way to interact with their community.  The tools may be different but the concept of interaction is the same.  If you remember that, most of the conversational stressors will be relieved.

One big thing to remember is you must create conversation opportunities between you and your communities.

The following is a quick checklist to show you several best practices to better engage your community and to nurture them to a qualified lead.

  1. Send Users to Your Content
    Engage your community by letting them know your expertise.  Simple updates to your status will not convey a full analysis of the subject.  You must add links, videos, etc. into your status updates, the links will expand on the key ideas you are trying to convey.
  2. Using Social Links to grow your Social Presence
    Social Media Networks allow your company to spread its expertise and message virally.  As you post your content it creates a link, users then take your content and in turn share the content to their friends and fans, if it is interesting.  You must utilize the tools from each social media network that you have engaged, as it has its own conversation opportunity.  Most networks have very specific demographics.  Know your demographics to grow your brand in that social media platforms demographic niche to nurture new leads.
  3. Monitor Conversation Opportunities (your company and also your competitors)
    Company’s must speak & listen to their social media communities.  Old (traditional) marketing was all about broadcasting your company’s message.  In social media marketing your company must start a conversation and then listen.  The opportunity to will arise to share your expertise.  Also you just created conversation and interaction with your community.
  4. Responsive is Better
    If someone asks you a question, respond accordingly.  If a question is asked, then answer the question with a focused, direct and valued response.  When the situation arises utilize the links or resources that you have previously posted, it will create more interaction opportunities and show your’s and your company’s expertise.

Small businesses should start engaging social media marketing, even if it is baby steps.  Your bottom line will definitely see the difference.


Tip: We are all creatures of habit, even in Social Media

For small to medium sized businesses, wearing multiple hats is a must, it would be wise to set a certain time weekly to respond to the questions that are posted by your social media community.  This will create a time schedule and your community will come to expect your replies accordingly and your community will grow because of it.


FBiframes is a Facebook and social media marketing application service provider (“ASP”), that enables small business owners and marketing professionals to easily create custom apps for their Facebook fan pages without any technical knowledge. Our customizable apps increase user engagement and allow businesses’ to increase social media interactions with potential clients. Our current apps are developed for Facebook with opportunities for cross-platform engagements (twitter and youtube).




Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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