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Five Other Social Media Sites to Boost Business -

Five Other Social Media Sites to Boost Business

Posted on May 27, 2013 by FBiframes

When it comes to the social media world, there are tons of options out there beyond Facebook and Twitter. Those two kings of social media are home to the most activity, but millions of people are also using other social media sites that can be helpful for businesses. Here are five that businesses will want to take a look at.


1. Instagram

 Instagram is one of the newest social media offerings on the Internet, and users connect with each other by taking and sharing interesting photographs. Businesses can tap into the Instagram community by creating their own interesting images. Companies can take photos of promotional material (even as simple as capturing the store’s sign at an interesting angle) or photographing products.


2. Pinterest

Pinterest came onto the public’s radar in 2012 and has become one of the fastest-growing social media sites, unique for its visual emphasis and unique content-sharing format. The site is driven by interesting graphics, so companies will need to create appropriate content (such as by photographing products in a unique way or designing promotional graphics). The site is also driven by pinboards related to different topics, so companies can gain followers by cultivating interesting collections of content on the sight.


3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quietly a very effective social media site for improving business. The site connects professionals and businesses, allowing companies to reach customers, business partners, and potential employees. This site has developed significantly over the past few years and now features a diverse set of tools for posting content and interacting with other businesses and people.


4. Upcoming is a unique social media site that allows individuals and businesses to schedule and share events. The site is searchable and users can connect with each other on the event pages, making the site an interesting option for businesses that want to reach a greater audience for their upcoming events.


5. Digg is one of several content-sharing networks around the net, and it allows the community of readers to recommend content or shoo potential readers away. You can utilize Digg (and the other similar sites) in a number of ways. First, you can promote your site’s content on Digg, although the content will have to be very strong in order to benefit from participating in this way. Alternatively, you can use Digg to find new content to share with your social media followers, improving the overall quality of your feed.


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