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Five Tips to Being Successful on Pinterest -

Five Tips to Being Successful on Pinterest

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 by Toby Gonzales

Choosing to build another profile on another social network can take time that you do not have.  Make sure that Pinterests features will help you grow your brand and engage with potential clients.  Remember that you are trying to develop a conversation with your community.  Here are a few tips when starting to decide…

1. Build Your Brand

Social media is an interesting new tool for many businesses, but it can be a challenge to figure out exactly the right way to branch out into online networking. Just like on other sites, your social media efforts should be an extension of your company and your original brand. Social media trends can sometimes tempt businesses to stray from their original style and themes, but try to stay consistent. Having cohesive boards on Pinterest is important because it helps people know what they can expect when they come to your business’s pages.

2. Get with the Times

Of course, it’s also important to mix in some fun stuff. On Pinterest, great visuals are a must, and people tend to get the most benefit from content that is interesting, fun, and quirky. Think outside the box. Also, pay attention to what else is going on online. Applying the latest memes to your company can be a fun way to show your company’s personality, and users enjoy that type of content.

3. Broaden Your Horizons

While it’s important to stick to your business’s original branding, you can also use your Pinterest board to expand out from your field. Just like with other social media sites, not all of your content should be related to your company. You can make things especially interesting by branching out into new subject matter. A bookstore’s Pinterest page might, for example, branch out into content about coffee, because books go so well with a hot cup of joe. Think about what your users might be interested in, and branch out from there.

4. Interact with Others in Your Field

If you’re new on Pinterest, it can help to get connected with other people or companies in your field. Sharing their content encourages them to do the same with yours, and you’ll be able to connect with users who are interested in your products and services. That can also be a good way to develop business partnerships. Interaction is vital on Pinterest, so be active in sharing and commenting on other people’s content.

5. Keep Track of User Response

It’s also important to keep track of what’s happening with your own content. Pay attention to the activity feed on your page, and engage in dialogues with people who have shared your images. Customers giving feedback on your content (both positive and negative) can help you decide what to post in the future.

Do you or your company use Pinterest to engage your community, if so, is there a specific image type that you find works best?

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Toby Gonzales

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for FBiframes. Besides taking out the trash at FBiframes, he enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan. If your business' marketing plan or strategy needs new insight, drop him a line.

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