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5 Lead Generation Strategies for your Small Business

Posted on 08 May 2012 by FBiframes

Don’t fall into the trap when trying to advertise your small businesses…

We all know business owners who have tricked themselves into believing that they don’t need to advertise at all and can rely solely on referrals for lead generation and repeat sales.  Don’t be that small business that will discover relatively quick, that relying on referrals alone, can cause them to get stuck in a growth pattern that does not trend upward.

Here are five ways that smart local businesses can get more leads and as you will see, it will not take a big marketing budget for your small businesses to increase your new leads and help attain those coveted referrals.

  1. Lead Capture and Generation has to be a focal point—Establish standard processes that your business will utilize to capture leads during any interaction with a potential customer. Be sure to train your employees on the processes you are implementing and emphasize the importance for future business growth. When you want or need direct responses, you need to ask the right questions. You need to gather useful information that allows you to make business decisions that add up to profits.Coupons, discounts and trials are effective offers for capturing lead information in person. Properly laid out forms coupled with informational “white papers” and product demos are effective ways to engage with your audience and will help capture useful demographic information on Facebook fan pages or on other online properties.
  2. Use Facebook Advertising—Establishing a Facebook presence for your business can be daunting. Utilizing the largest social network can drastically increase your likes, interactions and engagements with potential clients.  It definitely not a turn “if you build it they will come process”  you will definitely need to take the time to learn and implement some very effective strategies.  Yes we will be teaching you in future posts how to utilize Facebook’s advertising dashboard and advertise to Facebook users and your potential clients.Also just keep in mind you will not advertise, blindly, to all 900,000,000 users.
  3. Segment Your Contact Database into like groupsGetting the right message to your clients at the right time by is key to cultivating your lead generation strategies successfulness.  Utilizing multiple forms, tracking behavior and knowing how you attained their information will put you in the right direction.  Naming the forms they filled out, what emails they open and what links they click will be important in painting your clients’ demograpic collage.  Developing your clients demograpic collage will allow you to target your message and offering, specifically to them.You will clearly outline the benefit your product or service offers based off of your understanding of your potential customer’s needs and wants.
  4. Creating Partnerships, with who?—Building genuine relationships with businesses that offer complementary products and services will increase your growth virally or for you newbies, socially by “word of mouth” (likes). Remember the key to a powerful partnership is to create added value for your customers, so choose your partnerships wisely.Also, it might not be wise to pick the biggest on the block, make sure you pick someone who has the same drive to see your partnership thrive.
  5. Referral Strategy should be implemented—Create a methodical way to generate referrals online and offline.Offline: outline your referral process and possibly incentivizing your employees for collecting referrals will help them ask the question. Get employees to ask for referrals at the time of purchase or even create a survey and send it asking about clients’ thoughts on the service they received..Online: implement webforms on websites and utilizing FBiframes Lead Generation app on your Facebook fan page allows you to know exactly where the leads come fromA good offering when implementing an online referral or lead generation request is by offering a Free Demo, an educational “white paper” of your services/products or some other form of educational piece (demo video) that allows the client to share, tweet or send to a friend.

Your companies lead generation does not have to break the bank. If you establish processes and implement focused execution you will see a growth that will sustain your business.

Still have questions??  Check out our Facebook Page, our blog, or contact us and we will respond quickly.



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