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FBiframes Deals App – Perfect for Bringing Holiday Cheer

Posted on 22 November 2011 by FBiframes

The FBiframes Deals App provides the perfect incentive for your social media fans to engage with your business for the holiday season.  FBiframes.com has launched a Groupon/Living Social style application on Facebook.  It is designed for page administrators to set up group promotions on their Facebook FanPage within minutes and then get their discounted offers shared virally among friends.

Our Deals app offers page administrators the opportunity to capitalize on viral marketing on their Facebook Fanpage. While most group discount apps require a minimum number of participants in order for your promotion to be become active and also profitable for the business, FBiframes Deals App allows the fanpage administrator to customize the  app so they can offer a group deal or even a regular deal with no group requirements.

Facebook’s viral features and high daily traffic provides the best opportunity for businesses to acquire a large number of clients.

Setting up a Deal on Facebook with FBiframes is designed to be fast and simple, requiring three key components:

  1. Value of the Deal
  2. Critical mass of “Deal Grabbers” can be required  before your deal becomes active
  3. A time period for the deal offering to be valid.

We have also integrated with PayPal’s website payment standards to administer the transactions on your Deals App:

  • The integration with PayPal allows for no monthly merchant fee, only transaction fees.
  • No need to worry about the middleman sending you a check.
  • Which means more profits, directly into your company’s pockets.

Check out our brief video tutorial below and comment below on how FBiframes.com Deals App helped your businesses holiday sales push:


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