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Google + and Social Media Marketing


How to Build a Successful Google+ Page for Your Business

Posted on 21 March 2013 by Toby Gonzales

Plenty of businesses are already on board with fully functional Twitter and Facebook feeds, but it’s about time companies got started with Google+. Google’s social media option allows companies to take advantage of both social networking and SEO benefits, and the site allows people to connect with the increasing numbers of people adding Google+ to their social media routines.

The first step in building a good presence on Google+ is to fill out your company profile as much as possible. The profile section should include detailed information about what your company does, with strong keywords to attract the most people to your page. Google+ has particularly reader-friendly formatting for these descriptions, so take advantage with a list of services and important links, like your website and contact addresses.

You should also consider setting up your account with Google Authorship. This is an increasingly popular offering with Google+ that allows people to connect their home websites with Google+ in exchange for SEO benefits. When you link Google+ on your page, Google returns the favor by allowing you higher search ranking and the option of adding an author photo next to your links that appear on Google search lists. These links tend to draw more attention, and your profile will receive far more traffic. Of course, you can also boost your search results by posting often and including strong keywords in your content, just like you would on your website.

In terms of connecting with people, it pays to use all of the features unique to Google+. One of those is the circles feature, which allows people to join different sharing groups based on interest or their relationship with one another. Friends can have an exclusive circle, but there are also lots of shared circles. Take a look at Google’s directory of shared lists and join on with the ones that relate to your business.

Remember that when you’re developing your business profile on Google+, it helps to maintain your personal profile as well. You can’t bring people into your business’s circle until they’ve brought you into their circle, so try to connect with relevant users in other settings. Connecting with other users personally is a good first step to adding them to your business’s network.

In general, the key is to participate. When others mention you, give them a little thanks to show you’re paying attention, and when your contacts post good content, they’ll appreciate it if you post some comments.


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Toby Gonzales

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for FBiframes. Besides taking out the trash at FBiframes, he enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan. If your business' marketing plan or strategy needs new insight, drop him a line.

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SEO News: Google Bots to Crawl Facebook Comments

Posted on 02 November 2011 by FBiframes

 Google’s search crawler will now index comments sent through third-party comment management systems, such as Disqus and Facebook comments, that allow users to login with their Facebook credentials, according to Econsultancy.

As more websites begin integrating comments on their sites, the value this user-generated content offers marketers will likely grow substantially. SEO campaigns will receive a boost when visitors leave messages that include certain keywords.

Furthermore, this development places a premium on comment moderation, as businesses that see spam posted to their comments could be negatively impacted. Additionally, inappropriate language and links could hurt a site’s SEO rankings.

There may be other SEO implications of indexed comments related to social data. Google currently doesn’t draw on Facebook data, but it uses social sharing from other platforms to rank results for logged-in users. With the prominence of Facebook comments, some speculate the search giant will have a way to break down the barrier that stands between it and Facebook data. Of course, Facebook is not the only medium for on-site comments that will be indexed.

Disqus is the most popular third-party comment management service, according to a Lijit report released earlier this year. The application is the used by 75 percent of websites implementing comment services.


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