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Build Custom Facebook fanpages By Yourself


Build Custom Facebook fanpages By Yourself

Posted on 07 February 2012 by FBiframes

How do I Build a Custom Facebook fanpages…

People often get confused and overwhelmed when it comes to the world of coding and integration with the web. Well, here at FBiframes we take all of our customers into consideration, from the coding genius & web designers to the novice website user.

FBiframes allows users to build customized Facebook fanpages.

All of our apps help people accomplish specific tasks and goals, but one of our most universal apps is our Visual/HTML Editor to build custom Facebook fanpages. For all you non-webbies out there – HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language – and it is the code that is used for the creation of web pages. You can even think of it as a language much like English or Spanish in a sense. HTML is the building structure of a website, and it tells your browser what to display, where to display it, and how to display it.

Our Visual/HTML Editor app allows you to either write your own HTML if you’re familiar with it, or build your custom facebook fanpages based on what you see (you just put things where you want them, and it will build the HTML for you).

Everyday User
(Non Experienced coder)
When you first open the app edit page you are greeted with an interface that should be somewhat familiar. It’s like many text editors / office suites out there, like Wordpad, Microsoft Word and so on. You can do many of the same things, like change the style, color, and size of text, add images, position everything how you’d like it, etc. This makes creating custom facebook fanpages with this app a snap. No complex coding needed – just type, upload, and go!

Coding Expert
I know what you are thinking – “I need more than just the front end, visual will not do it for me. I need to get my hands on the code and get the image just one pixel to the left.” (We designers have all been there.) Just hit the HTML tab and BOOM – you have it the world is your oyster! We’ve all had some mental hiccups when coding so we got you covered there as well. At the top of our editor we provide you with some coding helpers just for when you run out of Mountain Dew.

Everyone hates going out and having to look up how to do some of the most popular things out on the web like embedding slideshows, Google maps and more. Good news! We’ve done all the work for you! When you are under the Visual tab just click on the plugin you’d like to use and in a matter of clicks you could have a map telling your customer how to get to you via Google maps!

As you can see this is a very robust app that we have packed a ton of features into, and we’re always working on adding more!


Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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