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How to embed a PDF in Facebook fan pages

Posted on 05 January 2012 by FBiframes

Increase interaction with your businesses Facebook fan page by embedding a PDF by uploading to Scribd and then embedding into your FBiframes Visual/HTML Editor app.

Follow the steps below to publish your PDF to your Facebook fan page:

Step 1: Upload your PDF to Scribd

You will need a Scribd account and signing up is easy – just visit Scribd

  1. Log into Scribd
  2. Click the  button
  3. Select your file and click “Upload” on the upload page

Step 2: Get the embed code from Scribd

  1. In Scribd, view your list of uploaded documents by hovering over your account name (upper-right corner) and selecting My Documents
  2. Find the document you want to place on your Facebook Page, and click its name
  3. On the right-side of the page, there will be a section labeled Share & Embed.
  4. Find the little Embed button and click it.      (looks like  </> )
  5. When the popup window opens, find the section labeled Embed this document and click the “Copy” button for the HTML5 tab.
  6. Close the popup.

Step 3: Add the HTML with the embed code from Scribd

  1. Back in the FBiframes admin for your “DIY” app, add the copied code in the HTML view for the tab you want to add your PDF.

  1. Paste the code you copied from Scribd into HTML view and click Save.
  2. If you’re happy with how it looks, Publish the changes to your Facebook fan page.
Design Tip:  Be sure to add a header image that will help your newly embedded PDF standout on your Facebook fan page tab. Upload a header image (520px wide) to the “Visual” tab in the WYSIWYG before you add the embed code from Scribd. Also remember to “Save” before you toggle between the “Visual Tab” and the “HTML Tab”
FBiframes is a Facebook and social media marketing application service provider (“ASP”), that enables small business owners and marketing professionals to easily create custom apps for their Facebook fan pages without any technical knowledge. Our customizable apps increase user engagement and allow businesses’ to increase social media interactions with potential clients. Our current apps are developed for Facebook with opportunities for cross-platform engagements (twitter and youtube).


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