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Social Business 2012

Posted on 19 December 2011 by FBiframes

The Social Engagement Journey illustrates how organizations are slowly evolving from a traditional, command & control type of entity to a fully engaged, open and yes .. transparent unit where social processes and workflows are embedded internally within operations, support, marketing, HR, Supply Chain and everyone else.

This is a great look at the progression of how traditional tactics have evolved, and now have relationship progression within the sales cycle, and business as we know it.

excerpts from the great presentation by Chris Carfi

1) The Social Engagement Journey

The Journey is the recognizable progression of social engagement capabilities that a large enterprise goes through on its way to becoming a social businesses.


2) The Relationship Progression

While the “purchase funnel” has been well understood for years, there is a comparative dearth of conversation around how business relationships progress over time. A big tip of the hat to Dr. Michael Wu at Lithium and CRM maven Paul Greenberg for spurring the synthesis of these two previously unrelated (at least in my head) ideas.


3) The Social Engagement Matrix

A deep dive on the processes that come into play when customers and brands engage socially, especially when the two parties are at different relative points of view on the relationship.



The full presentation from  Chris Carfi is available here:


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