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Best Ways to Cross Promote: YouTube on Pinterest

Posted on 22 February 2013 by Toby Gonzales

The latest hot ticket in the social media world is quickly becoming one of the most effective drivers of online traffic out there. Pinterest has exploded in usage lately, with millions of active users participating in the online collage sharing network. While many people use the site simply to share interesting or inspiring photos and other content, websites can take advantage by boosting their traffic to other social media sites via Pinterest.

A great example of the cross-promotional potential of Pinterest is the option for websites to post their YouTube links directly onto their pin boards. In cultivating a presence on Pinterest, companies create and curate various themed boards, just like individuals do. Companies can post photos of products or services (or service-driven outcomes for customers), and interested users can follow the links added below these images to the company’s site.

The same can be said for YouTube videos. For many companies, Pinterest has recently blossomed into one of the biggest drivers of traffic for all sorts of content, including online videos. Facebook and other social networking sites can also be effective for promoting videos, but because of Pinterest’s visual nature, the site can be especially powerful in drawing visitors to your YouTube channel.

When promoting content on Pinterest, it is important to understand the differences between this site’s structure and atmosphere versus those of other major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest’s boards are very visual and thus very intimate, directly demonstrating the character of the business. When online users see a board that is obviously promotional, they will likely head straight for the “back” button. That means that it is important for companies to add other types of content, in addition to their targeted videos. Having a variety of content makes it more likely that a larger number of people will come across your pin board, and you will have a better chance to boost traffic to your YouTube videos.

Consider sharing some content between Pinterest and your other social media outlets, but also be sure not to inundate followers on Facebook and Twitter with all of the pins you put up on your boards. It helps to be as active as possible on Pinterest, as pinning pictures and videos helps increase traffic to your boards, but it can get to be too much if you share all of those photos on the other sites, as well.

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Toby Gonzales

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for FBiframes. Besides taking out the trash at FBiframes, he enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan. If your business' marketing plan or strategy needs new insight, drop him a line.

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Video SEO


Five Steps to Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search Engines

Posted on 16 February 2013 by Toby Gonzales

Do you feel that your Youtube Videos are not getting enough exposure?  These 5 steps will help you optimize your Youtube Videos to get more search exposure when your potential clients are looking for information on your company or your industry.

1. Choose Good Keywords

YouTube content should be treated much like content that you normally push for SEO, and the best way to start toward your SEO efforts for YouTube is to start with good keywords. Title, description, and tags are all important for where your video shows up on searches, so include good keywords in all of those areas. To identify the best keywords for you, type in some ideas and get an idea of what is most searched from the autofill suggestions.

2. Fill the Space

YouTube gives you a certain amount of space in all of its text areas. Use it up! Your title should be about 100 characters, with a combination of good keywords. In addition, you have 5,000 characters for your description and another 120 just for tags. Include as many tags as you can, and fill out the description as much as possible.

3. Mind the Description

Of course, what you actually put in the description is important. Only the first 25 or so characters will show up with the video in search results, so include something early on to grab readers’ attention and then give a full description of the video. Try to include multiple keywords from the autofill bar, as this will give your video a better shot at being found. In addition, make sure to include links to your other pages, like your Facebook page, Twitter feed, and home page.

4. Use Annotations

Two other big factors in search engine ranking for YouTube videos are number of views and rating. You don’t directly control these, but you can use your videos to advertise other videos. Take advantage of the annotations feature, which allows you to include notes about subscribing, watching other videos on your channel, and rating the video. More clicks to different parts of your channel will always help.

5. Make Good Content

As you work to include YouTube into your SEO efforts, it’s important to remember that the only type of content that will help you is good content. If you toss up some poorly planned content, your videos will receive lower ratings, and viewers will be less likely to follow the links to your other pages. YouTube can be a great source of traffic, and SEO for videos can really pay off when it comes to getting your videos seen. But the only way to take full advantage is to craft high quality content all the time.


Has anyone tried optimizing their Youtube Videos and saw a drastic increase from following these small steps?

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Toby Gonzales

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for FBiframes. Besides taking out the trash at FBiframes, he enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan. If your business' marketing plan or strategy needs new insight, drop him a line.

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How to embed YouTube videos in Facebook fan pages

Posted on 28 December 2011 by FBiframes

YouTube videos can be embedded into your Facebook fan pages using the FBiframes Visual/HTML Editor app by following the steps below:

1. Get Code

  • Go to the individual page for the Youtube Video
  • Click on the Share button under the video

  • Then Click on the Embed button and Copy  the code (<iframe…..)


2. Add the embed code into your app

  1. Back in the FBiframes admin for your “Visual/HTML Editor” app, add the copied code into the “HTML” view for the tab you want to add to your Facebook fan page.

  1. Paste the code you copied from Youtube into HTML view and click Save.
  2. If you’re happy with how it looks, Publish the changes to your Facebook fan page.
Design Tip: Be sure to add a header image that will help your newly embedded PDF standout on your Facebook fan page tab. Upload a header image (520px wide) to the “Visual” tab in the Editor before you add the embed code from Scribd. Also remember to “Save” before you toggle between the “Visual Tab” and the “HTML Tab”
FBiframes is a Facebook and social media marketing application service provider (“ASP”), that enables small business owners and marketing professionals to easily create custom apps for their Facebook fan pages without any technical knowledge. Our customizable apps increase user engagement and allow businesses’ to increase social media interactions with potential clients. Our current apps are developed for Facebook with opportunities for cross-platform engagements (twitter and youtube).


Create and add custom tabs for Facebook fan pages without any technical or coding skills required! It's completely free to sign up and try everything out!

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