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Tips for crafting Facebook Posts -

Tips for crafting Facebook Posts

Posted on Jun 10, 2012 by FBiframes

Facebook wall posts can generate buzz about your brand, offer insight about your customers and drive traffic to your website. That’s what you can get from a simple Facebook post!

But as most people know that have been crafting Facebook wall posts for any length of time, it’s just not that simple.

The right content and using it to create conversations on your Facebook Page is tough.  Below are a few tips for generating effective wall posts that will create more engagement for your brand.

1. Size does matter

Facebook Wall posts that are short and sweet is the way to go. In fact, posts containing 80 characters or less have 27 percent higher engagement rates. So, as with other copywriting, users are more likely to consume your content when it’s concise.

2. Are URL shorteners the answer

Sure, they save space, but engagement rates are three times higher when posts contain a full-length URL instead of a shortened one. When people can’t figure out where that link will lead them, they may be less likely to click.

Don’t you look for indicators in a URL to see what type of website it will lead to?

3. Know your brand’s best time of day 

Each brand has its optimal time that their community interacts with their brand or when they are cruising Facebook.  Be sure your posts are reaching them when they are looking for your content. Utilizing Insights will ensure that your posts are delivered when people will see them in their News Feeds.

4. What is your best days to publish your posts

Depending on your industry, there are certain days that are better for posting on Facebook. Research suggests the following industries post more on weekends:  Entertainment, Media, Retail, Automotive, and Sports.

However, the Fashion, Travel and Hospitality, and Healthcare and Beauty industries should consider posting more on Thursday.

For the Food and Beverage industry, engagement is higher midweek and Saturday.

For the Business and Finance industry, midweek is the best time for engagement.

5. Ask for engagement

Just like when writing website copy, Facebook posts should have a strong call-to-action that motivates your community to take the next step. Ask your community for their opinion, to share and definitey get them to engage by liking your post.


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