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How To: Log In / Register

We've simplified the login and registration process!

FBiframes is an online service that allows you to build & create custom Facebook fan page tabs/apps through iframes (our Facebook apps).
It's free to create an account, and below we explain the new login / registration process using Facebook Connect.

Here at, we’re constantly working on improving our service by offering more features and making things easier to use, and one of the changes we’ve made is switching to using Facebook accounts to log into the website. Who needs yet another username and password to remember? With us making this switch, you won’t have to worry about remembering yours for, and the login process will be as easy as clicking a button.

We’re going to go ahead and explain the process and walk you through it, although it should be pretty easy to do unguided.

When you go to the home page, you’ll be presented with a slightly new look. Gone are the fields to enter in a username and password, and instead you’ll just see a big “Login with Facebook” button.


Click this button, and a popup window will be displayed, asking you for the few permissions we need to link your Facebook account to your account.

You’ll only have to go through this process once!


Click the “Allow” button, and the popup window will close, and you’ll be taken to a page on FBiframes to either link your existing account, or create a new account.


If you already have an account, just enter in your username and password (just this one last time!) in the left-hand box, and click the “Link Account” button. This will link everything up, and from then on, to log in all you’ll have to do is click that big blue button on the home page, and you’ll automatically be logged in. No having to remember or enter a username and password anymore!

If you do not have an account yet, you’ll be able to verify your information (and change as needed) in the right-hand box, and click the “Continue” button. An account will automatically be created for you, and linked to your Facebook account. When you need to log in again, just click the big blue button on the home page, and you’ll automatically be logged in. You won’t even need to worry about a username and password at all!

We hope you find this change useful and convenient. Of course, if you have any issues with any part of it, please feel free to contact us.